Learn to Sell your Portrait Sessions Online

Are you a portrait photographer? Would you love to book more photography sessions and make more money per hour?  On this page I am sharing my method of how I set up this e-commerce website.  Through this site I am able to use paid advertising on Facebook to target and market to my exact target market.  My customers are able to view the portfolio and immediately book and pay online.  I've used a method of selling 15 Minute mini sessions to make the photo sessions more appealing to the average person.  Click here to see my Mini Portrait Sessions that I am currently offering in St. Paul, MN.


If you're interested in setting up a similar site and repeating this process for yourself.  Simply follow these  Steps!  Good luck! 

1. Click here to sign up for your free trial of Shopify

2. Inside your dashboard, Click on the Apps Icon on the Left side Panel. Once in the App Store download the Sesame app & set up Calendar.

3. Create your Portrait Session Product.

4. Add your Sesame Calendar to the Product

5. Upload a description and Portfolio Pictures to your product.

6. Set up main page, and details on your new site.

7. Create an Advertising Campaign targeting just the right zip codes on Facebook Paid Advertising.

8. Or try creating an e-mail Ad campaign within Linkedin and target professionals in your area. 


If you are interested in more detailed information or a video tutorial on how to set up your e-commerce store and how to advertise your photography through paid advertising sign up below.


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