Sell your Art Photos online using Drop-shipping!



10 Steps to Setting up your own online Art Store.

These steps will show you exactly how to set up a store that will allow you to sell your own art prints using the Drop-shipping method. Drop-shipping allows you to market your own art prints and have a company automatically print and ship them to your customer when an order is placed on your website.  

The cost involved in setting up this store up is FREE to get started and see if it's the right fit for you!

There are a number of different ways you can sell your images online through the following method.  You can sell digital downloads of your images. You can sell prints, canvas, and framed prints.  You can also get creative and start selling t-shirts, clothing, or house hold items with your images and artwork!  There is an infinite number of possibilities for those who really want to sell online. The best part is you can advertise your products to customers around the world!


1. Start your free trial with Shopify.

2. Create an account with Printful

3. Download the Printful App in the App store.

4. Create your first Print Product within Printful.

5. Set up Store Details and Credit Card Processing.

6. Design Store Front Page.

7.  Set up your personal Domain.

8. Be your own first customer and order an art print from yourself and get your close friends to be your first customers!

9. Start Advertising using the Advertising within the Shopify Platform.

10. Monitor and use Analytics to fine tune your advertising campaign.


Consulting Sessions  

Interested in having someone walk you through the ten basic steps of setting up your store? Book a Consulting Session today and your store will be up and running in no time!  I'll walk you through the steps as well as help answer any questions you might have about advertising your prints online and getting your store up and running!

Session time: 30min

Price: $69.00

Consultant: Jessica Mealey- Owner and Photographer at Studio414 Inc.

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