Create your own Art Store



Drop-shipping is one of those amazing things that comes with the modern convenience of the Internet!  It is perfect for photographers who want to focus on their craft of creating the perfect image and leave the rest of the work to others. This website was created using a Shopify store.  When someone orders a print from the store, the order automatically is e-mailed to the printing company who produces the print, packages it, and ships it to the customer for you!  

Set up your store in less than a few hours 

Step1: Sign up for your free trial- No credit cards or payments required

Step2: Select theme Debut

Step3: Download the Printful App from the Shopify apps section

Step4: Create new print products with the Printful app

Step5: Select a price for you images

Step6: Finish designing the homepage, create an about page, and add contact info

Step7: Set up your processing account within Shopify

Step8: Select a personal domain


Setting up your store and showing it to the world can be much easier than you think! If you would like more detailed info on creating your own art Store sign up below and we'll e-mail you when our new video on Setting up your Drop-shipping Art store is ready!



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