Buy Art. Heal Cancer.

Why Cancer? Why is cancer taking so many of our friends and family?  Those of us who have already lost someone we loved to cancer know how painful this is!  We feel helpless when our loved ones are suddenly diagnosed with "CANCER".  

I have a lot of personal experience with cancer which is what is driving me to raise money with my artwork today!

The first one in my family to be taken by Cancer was my Grandfather at age 46.  It was lung cancer and he smoked, and he died before I was born. It seemed to make sense to me because of his smoking habits. Next was my mother's good friend who I had known since I was born, she had cervical cancer. Then my Aunt, she had breast cancer at age 38 and then it returned 15 years later and was found in 14 sites in her bones! Her death was very sad, as she suffered greatly because the cancer spread to her skin and she had tumors and sores all over her skin, her arms were broken, and she was in great pain.

This past November of 2017, I lost my former Boss and friend very suddenly to liver cancer.  

Last month, August 2018 I found out my mother has Metastatic breast cancer.  

These people are the reason I feel driven to raise money for Cancer! 


Owner and Founder


Jessica Mealey